Indo Group's Sustainability Goals

Indo Group aims to satisfy its clients and partners needs by delivering innovative products and services that create shared value (both tangible and intangible) so as to contribute together to the development of a more sustainable society.

Lower Energy Footprint

Recognising our responsibility towards the environment and our continued promise to the future residents of our ongoing and upcoming projects, Indo Group is doing its bit by utilising renewable sources for daily living in all its projects.

Rain Water Harvesting

Indo Group acknowledges the significance of water conservation & incorporates effectual water harvesting techniques in its structures so that clean rainwater can be collected, stored & utilised in daily activities. This way, the use of groundwater & supplied water is reduced and thus, the water expenses are lowered.

Drip Irrigation

Keeping our commitment to preserving water, Indo Group employs the method of drip irrigation, the most efficient water delivery system, which provides optimal coverage, low surface runoffs, reduced water loss and keeps courtyards verdant green while leading to 30% to 40% of the water being conserved.

Lush Green Landscaping

Facilitating the co-existence of nature and human constructions, Indo Group inculcates a diverse palette of lush green and crafts breathtaking landscape views, utilising local vegetation as well as carefully hand-picked exotic plant and tree varieties chosen specifically to render a peaceful ambience to the space.

Use of Low VOC Paints

Conscious of the fact that VOC paints are harmful and noxious to human health and environment with the potential of causing a plethora of conditions, Indo Group utilises low VOC paints which ensure human well being and lets the residents breathe easy in their wholesome surroundings with diminished risk to their wellness.

Sustainable Procurement Practices 

Indo Group engages with its suppliers and vendors in the local region and this way, makes certain that carbon footprint is reduced and environment prerequisites and set standards are followed. We associate with the companies which comply with national and local government laws with diligence. Our stringent measures in procurement ensure that vendors adhere to standard and environmental prerequisites.